House Passes Campaign Finance Bill

The House has passed a bill to blunt the impact of a Supreme Court decision that ruled as unconstitutional curbs on outside organizations which buy political TV ads.

The bill is designed to increase disclosure requirements for third party groups as a response to the so-called "Citizens United" case.

Under the act, third party groups would have to list who their largest donors are along with other previously confidential information. The bill's sponsor, Democratic Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., says that the legislation will add transparency to the electoral process. Conservatives say the act is an infringement on First Amendment rights.

Some liberal Democrats objected to a recently added carve-out in the bill for large, established advocacy groups such as the National Rifle Association. The bill's sponsors said the measure would not have been able to pass without the special provision.

The House approved the bill 219 to 206.

More than 30 Democrats voted against the legislation. Two Republicans sided with Democrats on the issue: Reps. Joseph Cao, R-La., and Mike Castle, R-Del.