GOP congressman not convinced US should strike Syria

A Republican congressman said Thursday he was “skeptical” about a U.S. military strike on Syria, a day after a Senate panel approved a resolution authorizing military force.

Rep. George Holding, R-NC, told Fox News’ Jonathan Hunt that it is not in America’s best interests to launch a strike on the embattled Assad regime.

“I have not been convinced that we need to commit our military men and women to this war,” said Holding on LIVE’s “On the Hunt.”

President Obama is pressing for congressional approval for military action in Syria. The Obama administration cleared one obstacle Wednesday when a divided Senate panel approved a resolution authorizing military force. A significant number of senators remain unconvinced and opposition is growing in the House.

“I have been talking to my colleagues and it looks like the vote is stacking up against bombing Syria,” said Holding, who is on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “This is a conflict that has been going on for two years. I don’t see how bombing Syria will further our national interests.”

Holding slammed the Obama administration, saying Obama’s foreign policy has been “muddled.”

“I believe that American leadership, as far as this administration goes, has been dithering for over four years now… we have no clarity of our vision for what we want in the Middle East,” said Holding. “If you are going to bomb a country, if you’re going to commit an act of war … you need to be in it with some clarity of purpose and some determination. “

“On the Hunt” host Jonathan Hunt pressed Holding on how he will vote when the issue comes to the Republican-controlled House.

“If you’re one of those who votes no and then we’re 12 months down the line, President Assad has slaughtered another 100,000, will you still be comfortable with that vote?” asked Hunt.

“Time will tell,” answered Holding. “History will cast a light on the decision made here.”

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.