GOP candidates spar at debate – over green rooms

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A dispute over digs broke out in the hours before Wednesday's Republican primary debate in Colorado, with candidates reportedly complaining they were getting stuck with substandard green rooms while top-polling contenders like Donald Trump enjoy luxurious pre-debate pads.

Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus, in an interview with Fox News, assured that the matter has since been resolved.

"I think they're all set now," he said Wednesday, adding that he wants to make sure everyone is "comfortable."

The complaints started Tuesday when, according to Politico, Republican National Committee officials gave the campaigns a tour of the Coors Event Center in Boulder, Colo. -- site of the CNBC debate.

Chris LaCivita, adviser for Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, began tweeting side-by-side pictures showing Trump and Carly Fiorina's assigned rooms, compared with Paul's relatively small workspace.

He said Fiorina's even had a "Jacuzzi." (Priebus later disputed that point, saying "it's a locker room.") Trump's appeared to show a big-screen TV in the spacious room.

According to Politico, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's campaign also complained, and RNC officials worked to address their concerns.

LaCivita later thanked the RNC on Twitter for "bending over backwards to acquire great working conditions for team Paul."

"We try to make everyone happy," Priebus told Fox News.