Gilmore unhappy with Trump's 'ill-thought, offensive' Muslim talk

Republican candidate Jim Gilmore attacked Donald Trump for "playing fast and loose with our Constitution" when the media mogul proposed ban on Muslims entering the U.S.

The proposal was "ill-advised," Gilmore said in prepared remarks for a speech Wednesday evening at George Mason University.

"Just like his outrageous declaration that he would end birthright citizenship for Latinos, Donald Trump is playing fast and loose with our Constitution when he says he will prohibit members of a specific religion from coming to our nation," Gilmore said. "I find his proposals offensive, especially coming from a candidate for president."

"We already have one president who shows disdain for the Constitution," Gilmore added. "We don't need another one. Donald Trump is pandering to the anger caused by terrorism and by illegal immigration, but he goes much too far. His proposals do not reflect America."