Fournier: Congress interested in fighting, not solving immigration crisis

National Journal’s Ron Fournier said Thursday on "Special Report with Bret Baier" it is clear that neither Republicans nor Democrats are interested in solving the crisis at the border, saying lawmakers instead just want a "fight" to galvanize their bases.

House Republicans were forced to withdraw an emergency spending measure Thursday to address the surge of young illegal immigrants at the southern border after they were unable to secure the votes to pass it. House Republican leaders are expected to hold another meeting Friday to decide how to move forward.

Fournier said it is obvious "both parties know they’re not solving the crisis."

“What both parties want is a fight. They both want to galvanize their bases," he said.

Fournier added that he doesn’t “even have the stomach” to understand how Congress is going on a 5-week vacation without addressing the severe humanitarian crisis on the border.

"I wonder on a day like this, I wonder why President Obama and Speaker Boehner even applied for the jobs they have," he said. "They’re not really using them in a way that effectively deal with the problems. They’re worried about the election. They’re not worried about the problem.”