Firm running California federal charity drive misspent millions in donations, including buying a house

At least half of the $4 million in expenses claimed by the California arm of the federal government’s workplace charity campaign was spent on inappropriate or unknown items, according to a government watchdog report.

The Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Partnership received the contract to administer the Combined Federal Campaign in California for many years despite constant overruns, according to the Office of Personnel Management's inspector general.

Auditors "find it astonishing that it believes the charities of the CFC were not damaged... monies due to them were used by MAP for expenses that were expressly unallowable."

The board of federal employees overseeing it did not even meet for most of the year.

Sacramento MAP charged the entire down payment on a house to one year’s federal charity haul, and then charged the same program rent for the use of the house.

The house was sold at a large profit shortly after Sacramento MAP's connection to the CFC was severed. The down payment and profit have not been returned to the CFC.