Early User's Manual to the House and Libya Resolutions on Friday

I am still in a meeting of the House Rules Committee as they are setting the stage for handling the Libya issue tomorrow. But here is an early-bird look at how this will play out tomorrow.

After the House meets around 9 am, they will begin one hour of debate on the "rule" which handles how they will address the Boehner and Kucinich resolutions.

While debating the rule, it is not fair to say they are on either resolution. However, they will be talking about the issue and the debate on the "rule" (which establishes the paramaters for debate) is generally feisty.

Once they have finished the "rule," the House will consider Boehner's resolution around 11 am. They will get to Kucinich around 12:15. Votes on both will come around 1:30 with final results by 2:30.

Two things to note here: The way this debate is structured, it is ENTIRELY possible that both Boehner and Kucinich's resolution MIGHT PASS. This is not an either-or scenario.

Both resolutions have equal, parliamentary standing.

Also worth noting: Boehner's resolution is a House Resolution (an "H. Res.," in Hill talk). That means it STOPS in the House.

Kucinich's resolution is a House Concurrent Resolution (An "H. Con. Res," in Hill-ese), which means it CAN go to the Senate, IF the House approves it.

IMPORTANT: both of these are not bills. They are resolutions, meaning they would not have the force of law, and only establish the House's position on a given issue.