Dr. Peter McCullough tells ‘Tucker Carlson Today’ the world has gone 'off the rails' with treating COVID-19

“I can tell you I am not recommending pregnant women get the vaccine,” Dr. McCullough says

A new episode of "Tucker Carlson Today" cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough discusses why more than a year into the pandemic, doctor's still don't have an official treatment protocol for coronavirus and tells host Tucker Carlson who he thinks shouldn't get the vaccine.

During the interview, McCullough says "something has gone off the rails in the world" with treating COVID-19, asserting he has no agenda but is "deeply concerned" about the science, medical literature and the irregular response to the virus that kept populations "in fear, in isolation and despair."

McCullough then questioned why the FDA and big drug companies "strictly excluded" from clinical trials those who were suspected to be COVID recovered, those with antibodies, pregnant women, and women of childbearing potential who couldn’t assure contraception, noting that is a "huge group of exclusions, that’s a giant part of the healthcare workforce."

"So if they weren’t eligible for the randomized trials, and the FDA and the sponsors thought maybe there was a problem with safety, or they had no chance of benefit, and only a small chance of these safety events exclude them. Why would they electively go into an investigational program now?"

McCullough then turned his attention to why so little attention has been given to COVID treatments and to the "enormous amount of fear" the virus created saying for the first time in America doctors and nurses were confronted with a disease that they themselves could contract and die from, "that fear drove everything."

Discussing vaccine safety, McCullough told Carlson he is not recommending pregnant women get the vaccine.

"We have no information on safety and we have no information on efficacy. It violates a simple medical practice principle, we don’t use things where we don’t have a signal of benefit or acceptable safety. We don’t do it."

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