Donald Trump says he was able to get his hands on his birth certificate within an hour, so why can't President Obama?

"Somebody asked me today, 'Can I see your birth certificate?' I had it in my hands in less than an hour," Trump told Fox's Greta Van Susteren tonight on On The Record.

He provided a copy for Greta. Click here to see it.

During a phone interview, Van Susteren asked Trump why he doesn't believe President Obama was born in the United States.

"I want to see his birth certificate," Trump said, "He doesn't have it. He spent millions of dollars on lawyers trying to get out of the issue. They give what's called a certificate of live birth which doesn't even have a signature on it, and anybody can get a certificate of live birth. It's nothing to do with a birth certificate."

Trump also says he is surprised no one has come forward to say they witnessed President Obama's birth.

"Here is the President of the United States and no doctor, no nurse, nobody's come forward and said 'I delivered that beautiful baby.'"

Trump reiterated his accusation that Hawaii's Democratic Governor Neil Abercrombie is lying when he says he remembers when Obama was born.

"I'll bet he didn't even know the parents 50 years ago," Trump said, "What he's doing is taking a bullet for the party."

Trump's demand to see President Obama's birth certificate has been garnering a lot of attention. But he doesn't want to be called a "birther". He says he just wants to know the truth, one way or the other.

"To be honest with you, I want him to have a birth certificate because that would mean that his presidency was, I guess you'd have to say, illegal. You have to be born in the United States. I hope he was born in the United States. But I want to get rid of the word ‘hope'. I want to know for sure."