Democratic donors ditching Sanders

Democratic donors have began to spurn Sen. Bernie Sanders as his path to the nomination became increasingly unlikely.

Sanders' April intake dropped nearly 40 percent from the month before. He raised $25.8 million, the campaign reported Sunday morning. Sanders raised $44 million in March and $42 million in February.

The campaign did clear the $200 million mark for the campaign so far. That's a whopping figure for the self-described democratic socialist whose top campaign talking point is the moral corruption of Wall Street and the campaign finance system.

"What our campaign is doing is bringing millions of Americans into the political process," said Jeff Weaver, Sanders' campaign manager, in a statement. "Sanders is the candidate with the most energy and excitement. He is the candidate with the best chance of winning in November. He is the candidate who is in the best position to bring a new generation of voters into the democratic process and restore the faith of working-class voters that we can have a government that works for all of us, not just the 1 percent."