Craigslist Woman Offers Advice to Mrs. Lee

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One day after Rep. Chris Lee resigned from Congress, his wife is getting some unsolicited advice from the woman who leaked the shirtless-flex photo of him to an online gossip site: Get tested

"I'm sure he hooked up with women from Craigslist who may have had, um, seedy paths," the anonymous 34-year-old Maryland woman told, the same site that released the photo and emails.

Lee, who resigned from Congress less than four hours after the material was made public, admitted to "profound mistakes" but did not confirm he had met the woman on Craigslist or had corresponded with her. There's no evidence to suggest he's done this before.

The woman also told Gawker she was surprised the married congressman would step down over "a few pictures and a few emails," but speculates, "I think maybe there's a bigger story behind his resignation. I'm sure there are other women out there he's met. My theory is, you don't get caught your first time out."