CPAC straw poll shows conservatives with Trump, think he's 'realigning' movement

Conservatives appear fully behind new Republican President Trump, based on a straw poll Saturday at the annual CPAC summit in which attendees gave him an 86 percent approval rating and overwhelmingly agreed that he was “realigning” the movement.

The results of the poll concluded the group’s annual four-day summit outside of Washington, D.C., at which Trump’s speech Friday was the main event.

Trump, whose views do not always align with those of fiscal or social conservatives, received high marks in the poll’s 12 questions. The popular poll did not include a question this year about who was conservatives’ favorite potential presidential candidate, considering Trump won just three months ago.

Perhaps the most applause came when the event organizers announced that 33 percent of respondents said “reforming the tax code” was the biggest Trump campaign promise they wanted him to fulfill.

“Donald Trump is actually doing things the conservative movement wants to get done,” said Matt Schlepp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, the event’s lead organizer.

The audience also cheered upon learning that 91 percent of respondents favored the federal government cutting off federal funds to any so-called “sanctuary” city, county or public college that refuses to cooperate with state and federal officials to enforce immigration laws, according to the poll by McLaughlin & Associates.