Congressman urges Obama to denounce video game where players shoot NRA official

A Republican congressman is calling on President Obama to denounce a new "video game" that allows users to shoot what appears to be a likeness of National Rifle Association President David Keene in the head.

The downloadable video game was apparently produced in response to NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre's speech shortly after the Connecticut shooting massacre. In that address, LaPierre suggested violent video games have played a role in America's high murder rates while rejecting calls for more gun control.

The video game -- called "Bullet to the Head of the NRA" -- appears to re-create the speech, while allowing players to target and shoot a figure by the podium who resembles Keene.

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., in a letter to Obama, urged him to condemn the game.

"Making threats against public figures who speak out either for or against gun control prevents us from having a reasonable, thoughtful debate," Sensenbrenner wrote. "Although we may have strong disagreements on the best ways to reduce gun violence, it is my hope that we can both agree that video games targeting specific individuals who speak out on this issue, is counterproductive.

"I urge you to publicly denounce this video game. Your voice can serve a powerful tool to emphasize the need for a civilized discussion," he said.

Obama and Vice President Biden on Wednesday plan to announce a string of proposals aimed at reducing gun violence. They are the product of a task force led by Biden which also looked at the entertainment and video game industries. It's unclear whether those industries will be addressed in the president's plan.

Meanwhile, the NRA has separately come under criticism for a video game it produced as an Apple app. The 3-D shooter allows players to work on simulated target practice by firing at coffin-shaped targets.