CIA chief Pompeo says no concessions to North Korea's Kim Jong Un before talks

CIA Director Mike Pompeo said Sunday that President Trump has indeed put pre-conditions on his agreed-to meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and will make no concessions before such a meeting happens -- attempting to end uncertainty and widespread speculation about ground-rules for such a historic meeting.

Pompeo told “Fox News Sunday” that Kim must “stop the missile testing that he’s been hard at for the past year, continue to allow us to conduct our militarily necessary exercises on the (Korean) peninsula and leave on the table discussions for denuclearization.”

"The president has made the decision; this is the right time to meet with Kim Jong Un," Pompeo told Fox News' John Roberts.

"This is the right time to meet with Kim Jong Un."

— CIA Director Mike Pompeo

Kim’s desire for a meeting with Trump was made public Thursday, amid North Korea’s continued testing of a nuclear warhead and ballistic missiles on which to launch it, which has resulted in heated exchanges between the world leaders.

Trump has called Kim “rocket man” and a "maniac," while the North Korean leader has called the president “mentally deranged” and a "dotard."

Pompeo said Sunday that he continuously briefs the president on the North Korea matter and that the CIA knows how Kim responds to certain messages, suggesting that Trump’s Twitter attacks on the leader might have been more calculated that impulsive.

Pompeo also made clear that that administration will not ease sanctions or make any other concessions to North Korea before such talks occur and Kim can provide “complete, verifiable and un-reversible proof” that the missile testing has stopped.