Bush: Empower states, governors

Jeb Bush's presidential campaign is pushing his plan for the restoration of federalism on the campaign trail this week.

The former Florida governor penned an op-ed for FoxNews.com arguing that a governor would be most capable of returning power to the states as president.

"Governors are on the front lines of federalism: helping people, getting things done and balancing all the pressures that come from running a state — especially a big, complex and occasionally crazy place like my home state of Florida," Bush wrote. "Governors also have the best sense of when the federal government is exceeding its proper role in our constitutional system, at the expense of the states — and, most importantly, the people. Long before President Obama's lawless power-grabs began, I supported moving more power to the states and a more bottom-up — rather than top-down — approach to government."

Bush has long talked about how he thinks voters want someone with a record they can admire, but the polls have not confirmed his position just yet. Political newcomers Donald Trump and Ben Carson have performed better in national polls of GOP voters than Bush in recent months.

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