Breaking: Details of President Obama's Meeting with Russian President Medvedev

During their bilateral meeting, President Obama and his Russian counterpart Dmitri Medvedev discussed economic issues as well as Iran, North Korea and Afghanistan.  White House officials described the relationship as "multilateral."

Michael McFaul, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Russian Affairs said in the White House briefing from Prague that the two sides are in the process of talking about sanctions against Iran including each country's "bottom lines."   Medvedev made it clear he would support sanctions that would be used as a tool to change Iranian behavior. " We have moved beyond saying they are necessary. We are talking about a concrete process," McFaul told reporters in Prague.  Russia has been reluctant to sign onto sanctions against Iran because of a diplomatic and trade history between Moscow and Tehran.

President Medvedev brought up the unrest in Krygyzstan, a former Soviet country that has undergone political turmoil this week as its government and President were overthrown Wednesday.  McFaul said the United States is "keenly" watching what is happening in that country since it houses a NATO airbase that is critical to U.S. efforts in Afghanistan.   There were no discussions on closing the Manas transit center that brings supplies to NATO troops in Afghanistan.  McFaul did say that the U.S. does not know who is currently in charge in Krygyzstan but stressed this was not an "anti-American coup" and "not a sponsored-by-the-Russians-coup."