Bidens give 1.9 percent of income to charity

The Bidens have upped their charitable contributions -- to 1.9 percent of their income.

The figure was included in 2012 tax returns released Friday afternoon by the White House. They showed Vice President Biden and his wife Jill Biden made $385,072 in adjusted gross income. They contributed $7,190 to charity, or 1.9 percent of their income.

It's a slight increase from 2011, when their contributions totaled 1.5 percent of their income.

The stat drew headlines at the time, since Biden and the rest of the Obama campaign were hammering millionaire Republican opponent Mitt Romney as "out of touch" with the middle class. As it turned out, the Romneys gave close to 30 percent of their income to charity -- which amounted to millions of dollars.

While the Bidens are still giving in the single digits, in terms of percentage of income, the Obamas' tax returns showed the first family was more charitable in 2012.

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama reported an adjusted gross income of $608,611. They gave $150,034 -- or nearly a quarter of their income -- to 33 charities. The biggest amount -- $103,871 -- went to the Fisher House Foundation.

The Bidens gave most of their contributions in cash, but contributed nearly $2,000 of the total amount in donated clothing, furniture and other items.