Barely any Latinos show up at Ben Carson's outreach event meant for them

Presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson held a Latino outreach event – the only problem was that no Latinos showed.

Wednesday's event in South Carolina drew about 25 people, nearly all of them non-Latino. The only Latinos there were the owner of the business and his son.

The GOP presidential candidate's ideas for addressing issues of Latino concerns, several publications noted, are quite out of sync with the community, The Hill said.

Carson wrote in the National Review his strategy for revamping the legal immigration system. He said he was spurred to action by accounts of how immigrants were coming to the United States to get healthcare, and get on welfare, among other things.

Published reports took the dismal showing of Latinos at his event as the result of poor foresight by its planner.

But there’s also, the reports say, Carson’s positions on various Latino issues that stand in stark contrast to those of many Latino voters.

Carson has voiced support for the controversial term “self –deportations" as a solution to ridding the country of undocumented immigrants.

He’s also spoken out against President Barack Obama’s decision to take executive action on immigration after efforts to overhaul the system stalled in Congress.

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