Anti-Trump sticker sales grow after Texas controversy

A Texas woman who sparked a controversy by displaying a profane anti-Trump sticker on the rear window of her pickup truck is now selling them for $15 each.

Karen Fonseca was arrested in Houston last Thursday on an old, unrelated warrant for fraud.

After being released on $1,500 bail, she claimed that she had been targeted by Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls after he posted a photo of her truck on his personal Facebook page.

Addressing reporters Monday outside the Fort Bend County Justice Center, she threatened a civil rights lawsuit against the county over her arrest.

Fonseca has since added a second equally profane decal aimed at Sheriff Nehls.

“I’m not surprised,” Nehls told KHOU 11 News, calling the second sticker “somewhat disgusting.”

The stickers were originally created by the Fort Bend County Democrats.

Fonseca and her children plan to sell the anti-Nehls and anti-Trump bumper stickers online for $15 each.

Until the Fonseca controversy erupted, sticker sales had been stagnant for months, the Fort Bend County Democrats said. Now they have reportedly sold 120 stickers in three days.

"It's turned into this bigger thing, everything is back-ordered," Ali Hasanali of the Democratic group told KHOU. "We can't print enough. Even if they want to buy now there's going to be a delay because we have to print a lot more up."

"My hat's off to Karen for being forthcoming and not being pressured or intimidated," Hasanali said. "She's a rallying cry for anyone who cares about individual liberties.

Democrats in Fort Bend County say the money will go toward voter registration drives aimed at getting elderly people to the polls.