2016 presidential candidates weigh in on Iran deal

After 20 months of meetings, Iran, the United States and its international negotiating partners reached a deal Tuesday that would curb Tehran’s nuclear ability for more than a decade in return for softening economic sanctions.

Here’s how the 2016 presidential candidates weigh in on the deal.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R):

"The nuclear agreement announced by the Obama Administration today is a dangerous, deeply flawed, and short sighted deal. A comprehensive agreement should require Iran to verifiably abandon – not simply delay – its pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability."

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R):

"After two years of humiliating concessions by President Obama, he has made his deal with Iran.  He should have walked away. Iran joins the sad list of countries where America’s red lines have been crossed.  The president is playing a dangerous game with our national security, and the deal as structured will lead to a nuclear Iran and, then, a nuclearized Middle East."

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D):

“We have to treat this as an ongoing enforcement effort, which I certainly strongly support, and as president would be absolutely devoted to ensuring that the agreement is followed,” Clinton said.

Dr. Ben Carson (R):

"The Iran deal announced today with fanfare and another heaping dose of false hope is almost certain to prove an historic mistake with potentially deadly consequences.  A careful review of the 100-plus pages is in order to fully understand the lengths to which the negotiators were willing to stoop to secure a deal at any cost with the world's leading sponsor of terrorism and a regime dedicated in word and deed to bringing death to America."

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R):

“Based on what we know thus far, I believe that this deal undermines our national security. President Obama has consistently negotiated from a position of weakness, giving concession after concession to a regime that has American blood on its hands, holds Americans hostage, and has consistently violated every agreement it ever signed.”

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R):

“Everyone understands that once you go to a nuclear device that now you’re talking about apocalyptic-type situations. If Iran gets nuclear capacity, we’re now looking at the apocalypse because these people are crazy enough to use it, first against Israel and eventually against us.”

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R):

“Congress should oppose this dangerous deal. Secretary Clinton should be a voice of reason and oppose this deal. While Secretary Clinton has been the architect of President Obama’s foreign policy, she can do the right thing and prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and oppose this deal.”

Former HP exec Carly Fiorina (R):

"Iran has demonstrated bad behavior for 30 years. We know they have been trying to cheat on this deal. We know they have been funding proxies with a strategic objective of destabilizing the region. We know that when sanctions are lifted, they’ll have more money to fund those same proxies."

Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb (D):

“This is an important moment in terms of the future of American foreign policy. I look forward to reading and examining the agreement.”

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R):

“President Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran will be remembered as one of America’s worst diplomatic failures.”

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham (R):

“This could be a death sentence for the state of Israel.”

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R):

“Today, the international community led by the United States has agreed to not only legitimize and perpetuate the Iranian nuclear program, but also to further arm and enrich the brutal theocratic regime that has oppressed the Iranian people for more than thirty years – a regime that is wrongfully holding United States citizens captive, that is sponsoring radical Islamic terrorism across the globe, and that regularly promotes the destruction of both Israel and America throughout its streets."