Will Hillary persist in 2020? Her actions suggest ‘yes’

There’s been buzz circulating lately that Hillary Clinton may still have her eye on the Oval Office and is considering stepping back in the ring to take another shot at the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination. Because quitters never win, or something.

On its face, it sounds like pure insanity. However, she’s spent the last year and a half fixated on the 2016 election, traveling all over and telling anyone who will listen why it’s not her fault she lost.

She even went so far as to write a book, “What Happened.”  Her publisher could have saved a few trees and sent her a two-word email - you lost.

Perhaps the basket of excuses she’s been carrying around is really her misguided attempt at trying to rehab her image and set the stage for round three in 2020.  When you think about it that way, the idea she’d actually run again sounds less like pure insanity and starts to sound absurdly believable.

This week former adviser to Bill Clinton, Lanny Davis, publicly discouraged her from running, “for her sake and her family’s sake.” Reading between the lines, she’s either seriously considering another run or someone important in Clinton world wants her to go for it. It’s highly unlikely that a former senior adviser like Davis would come out and make such a statement otherwise.

The Democrats are in such disarray with no known message or direction, it’s almost as if they’re spinning around in a game of musical chairs and they have no clue where they’ll end up next.

President Trump is an anomaly to them, they can’t wrap their mind around his appeal. While on one hand they think he should be easily beatable, their dirty little secret is they don’t really have a good candidate like Barack Obama they can all rally around. The Democratic Party is already fractured, and a third run for Hillary would only further demonstrate the extent of just how fractured.

If she’s really interested in breaking glass ceilings she will get out of the way and let someone else take a crack at it.

The Democrat strategy moving forward seems to be disorganized chaos. Protesting by screaming in the streets, threatening reporters outside the Supreme Court, sending out press releases railing against “xx” for the Supreme Court before we even know who “xx” is.

They’ve jumped from DACA, to kids being separated from their parents at the border, to now Supreme Court justice nominations. Each one was the moral outrage of the moment for liberals, only to be left in the dust when the next political soundbite popped up for them.

Making sure the Clintons do their part to contribute to the moral outrage, and possibly positioning her for 2020, the Clinton-linked group Demand Justice was formed following the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Its purpose is to put pressure on senators to oppose President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee and is run by Hillary’s 2016 press secretary, Brian Fallon.

Of note, the group has no restrictions on lobbying, can back candidates, and isn’t required to disclose donors. Keep in mind, this initiative was underway before the president even picked a nominee, adding to the hysteria and scare tactics the far left has engaged from the time Justice Kennedy announced his retirement until President Trump nominated Judge Kavanaugh to replace him.

Politics has pervaded government to the point that Hillary and her friends on the left now believe they are one and the same. If you listen to the - sometimes incoherent - rants, protests, and opposition to President Trump’s judicial nominees, it’s never about the rule of law or the Constitution. It’s about their demands. They want their boxes checked by activists who dress up as judges.

Outside of politics Hillary is lost. Her actions post-election reveal it’s all she ever aspired to, and she doesn’t appear to be letting it go.

If she were really interested in making the world better and helping those less fortunate, she would have spent the last 17 months focusing her efforts elsewhere rather than being obsessed with an election she lost.

From a purely political perspective I don’t know a Trump supporter who wouldn’t welcome her running for a third time. It would almost ensure him another four years in office.

However, from a woman’s perspective, it’s like watching another woman chase after the guy who keeps telling her to go away.  It’s embarrassing.

If she’s really interested in breaking glass ceilings she will get out of the way and let someone else take a crack at it. Truly being a champion of other women sometimes means enthusiastically and graciously standing behind other women, instead of flaunting your sense of entitlement and continually bulldozing your way in front of them.