Why I stand with Liberty University's Jerry Falwell, Jr. on guns

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I stand with Jerry Falwell, Jr.

And like the president of Liberty University, I am proud to call myself a gun-toting, Bible-clinging American patriot.

President Falwell is facing criticism from Democrats and jihadist sympathizers after he urged students at the nation’s largest Christian university to carry concealed weapons on campus to counter any possible armed attack from jihadists.

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Sometimes I wonder who hates Christians more — the mainstream media or the Islamic jihadists.

“Let’s teach them a lesson if they ever show up here,” Falwell told thousands of cheering students during convocation.

"I've always thought if more good people had concealed carry permits, then we could end those Muslims before they walked in," Falwell said.

He told the Associated Press on Saturday he was specifically referring to Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, the couple who shot and killed 14 people during a holiday party in a Southern California office building Wednesday.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe criticized Falwell’s remarks, saying in a statement to The Washington Post those comments were “rash and repugnant.”

“My administration is committed to making Virginia an open and welcoming Commonwealth, while also ensuring the safety of all of our citizens. Mr. Falwell’s rash and repugnant comments detract from both of those crucial goals,” McAuliffe said.

Hillary Clinton went so far as to accuse Falwell of giving “aid and comfort” to the Islamic State.

“This is the kind of deplorable not only hateful response to a legitimate security issue,” Clinton told ABC News. “But it is giving aid and comfort to ISIS and other radical jihadists.”

Get a load of the crackpot theory offered up by one left-wing newspaper:

“Some theologians believe that Jesus would call on Christians to put down their weapons in the face of violence.”

I only wish the Washington Post had named the lunatic theologians who believe that Christians should gladly offer themselves to the Islamic radicals as sacrificial lambs.

Does the mainstream media suggest that Christians should not protect their families from harm? Do they suggest that Christians should not serve in the military or law enforcement?

In the warped world of American journalism -- is there any instance in which people of faith would be allowed to defend themselves against the sword of the radical Muslims?

Sometimes I wonder who hates Christians more — the mainstream media or the Islamic jihadists.

Christians are a good-hearted people. If you are down on your luck, there’s always a church willing to lend you a helping hand.

If you get hungry, we’ll fix you a plate of chicken. If you’re thirsty, we’ll pour you a glass of tea. If you need some clothes or some gas money to get you where you’re going we’ll take care of that, too.

We rebuild homes washed away by the floods. We look after the widows and orphans. We tend to the sick and afflicted.

We are slow to anger.

Over the past few years we have seen the Islamic radicals wage jihad across the fruited plain. We have seen the jihadists spill American blood on American soil. They have terrorized our people -- from Boston to Fort Hood to Chattanooga to San Bernardino.

We have watched as the jihadists beheaded our brothers and sisters in foreign lands. We have watched as churches have been destroyed, parishioners crucified.

Slow to anger, indeed. But there is anger nonetheless.

President Falwell’s admonition was made out of prudence, not anger. The enemy is now beyond the gate. They live among us.

And should the Islamic radicals wage jihad in your town -- I suspect most Americans would want to share a foxhole with someone like Jerry Falwell, Jr. — armed with a Bible in one hand and a gun in the other.

With reporting from Fox News & Associated Press.