Only a few short weeks ago, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, the most famous couple in Hollywood, yes, one that has even managed to overshadow the famous "Brangelina," were rocked by a cheating scandal. For those of you who are not teenage girls, Pattinson and Stewart, are star of the blockbuster series of “Twilight” movies, based on the bestselling books about vampires in the Pacific Northwest. The couple was the king and queen of the tween audience also affectionately known as "Twihards."

It was a dark day for Twihards as their royal couple were torn apart due to Stewart’s affair with Rupert Sanders, the married director of  another movie she recently appeared in -- “Snow White and the Huntsmen.”

The affair became public when celebrity magazines published revealing photos of Stewart caught in an intimate embrace with Sanders. Once their affair was exposed Stewart and Sanders both issued public apologies for their torrid indiscretion.

Pattinson went into hiding for weeks but as the August 17 release date neared for his latest film, “Cosmopolis,”a murderous drama about a young billionaire who becomes caught up in a saga of sordid events, he was faced with the decision to promote his movie or continue to stay silent.

Monday night, at the premiere of the movie at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, Pattinson wowed seasoned members of the press and fans alike when he not only walked the red carpet but even did interviews acknowledging his heartbreak while appearing to not be consumed by it.  
And to this I say, kudos to you, Robert!  You have set an example for all us whether we are a famous celebrity or an average Joe.  For some reason, when a heart gets broken or betrayed, it is expected that we will crawl into bed with a pint of ice cream crying our eyes out for days on end, that we'll sink under the infamous break up blues.

Yet, if someone hurts us, deceives us like Stewart did to Pattinson, why do we feel the need to stop living our life because someone does not have the decency or emotional maturity to be a good enough partner?

Sure, it's appropriate to take a moment to process the emotions and reflect on that specific relationship’s lesson then keep on truckin'.

No one, not even the highest paid actress in the world, should be able to break your spirit.