Tomi Lahren: Is a GOP 'apocalypse' coming thanks to young voters? Far from it

The New York Times seems to think the GOP is approaching a full-blown Armageddon!

Well, this is from the same ideological group that believes the world will end in 12 years from a climate apocalypse. It’s time for Final Thoughts.

According to a New York Times opinion columnist, our entire party is "stumbling blind into the age of diversity." In other words, we aren't very good at promoting the Oppression Olympics.


And apparently, our party has an issue with young voters. Yes, a 2018 Pew survey does show 59 percent of us millennials identify as Democrats or lean left, while only 32 percent identify as Republicans or lean right.

The prognosis for those born after 1996, or "Gen Z," is even worse. They are even more likely to profess their love for all things left.

The left better watch its back. Young people like to win and we’ve been doing a lot of it under capitalism and of course, Donald Trump. 

The New York Times writer took the GOP's death sentence a step further, writing, "The generation gap is even more powerful when it comes to Republicans. To put it bluntly, young adults hate them.”

To put it bluntly, you’re wrong. You can't hate what you don't understand. But, of course young people prefer the Democratic Party! The Democratic Party is all about free things, entitlement, and political correctness.

It's equivalent to offering a fast-food toy to a toddler.

Sure, my generation also identifies more with socialism than capitalism. Why? Because they don’t know what the hell socialism is.

We’ve been sold a bad bill of goods, but many millennials are either too lazy or too blissfully ignorant to realize it.

If my fellow millennials wake up to the facts, they will understand socialism as an economic plan has never worked. Not once.

The disconnect exists because "Grandpa Socialist" Bernie Sanders and his protege, Democratic darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are convincing young people that socialism has never worked simply because socialism has never been fully implemented.

Hello! Look at Venezuela. Maybe socialism wasn't fully implemented there because the entire nation went to hell in a handbasket while it was trying to attain the "pure socialism" these leftists crave!

Truth is, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Someone pays for the freebies young people salivate over: free college, free healthcare, open borders, and the rest of the unicorn promises delivered by the radical left.

And guess who pays? Not the wealthy and corrupt leaders at the top. No, the very people socialism aims to elevate.

Why would any free and determined person want to live under socialism? It’s like a group project in school.

Why would the student busting their hump to deliver "A" quality work want to compromise their effort for those in the group who put in "D" work and don’t care? "Out of the goodness of one’s heart" only goes so far.

We, as humans, are bred and built to strive and achieve. The government can give you a lot of things but a sense of accomplishment is not one of them.

So no, I don’t think we are headed for a GOP apocalypse. But I do think our party has to get better at messaging. I know the religious right doesn’t want to hear this, but it needs to stop focusing on social issues. Instead, focus on personal responsibility, maximizing freedom, and limited government.

If there is one thing a millennial or "Gen-Zer" will appreciate more than a handout, it’s freedom. Young people don’t like being told what to do. They don’t like "the man."

Well, the government is "the man" and if you don’t trust it, don’t make it bigger!

The love of freedom and liberty isn't going anywhere if we fight for it and we will.


The left better watch its back. Young people like to win and we’ve been doing a lot of it under capitalism and of course, Donald Trump.

Those are my Final Thoughts. From L.A., God bless and take care.