Todd Starnes: Hey kids, if your dad's white, straight and drives a might be 'privileged'

If you are a white, heterosexual, Evangelical Christian, male whose parents are still married and can afford to send you to summer camp – then you are privileged, according to the West Bend School District in Wisconsin.

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As many as 150 students at Badger Middle School were given an optional “privilege test.” The 55 questions covered a wide range of topics from sexuality and race to religion and economics. Click here to see the full list of questions.

Among the items on the questionnaire:

  • I am white
  • I have never tried to hide my sexuality
  • I feel comfortable in the gender I was born in
  • I have never been called a derogatory term for a homosexual
  • I ever doubted my parents’ acceptance of my sexuality
  • My parents are heterosexual
  • My family can afford a therapist
  • I have never been called a terrorist
  • Nobody has tried to “save me” from my religious beliefs
  • I feel privileged because of the identities I was born with
  • I have never been mocked for my accent
  • I have never been told that I “sound white”
  • I am a man
  • I went to summer camp
  • I have never been catcalled

The school district said teachers wanted to spark a conversation on privilege after reading “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

“If we want our students to be successful when they go out into their careers in the future, they have to understand that not everyone is like them,” Asst. Supt. Laura Jackson said.

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