THE FIRST 100 DAYS: Obama Abandons Three American Journalists Held Hostage

Even the European press recognizethe Obamas' first 100 days marker as rife with broken promises, crippling debt and bizarre and dangerous domestic and foreign policy, yet that's not the message you'll hear from the fawning orgiastic American Establishment Media for the next several days. -- You will also likely not hear a peep about Roxana Saberi, Laura Ling and Euna Lee. They're too much an an inconvenient truth.

Roxana, Laura and Euna. All three American journalists, all women of color, who languish as hostages in foreign prisons of state-based terrorists.

her plight, at least, has received worldwide attention

Iranian tyrants first arrested Saberi on a charge of buying wine, then changed it to not having the proper press credentials, and finally to spying. Make no mistake, Saberi's situation is not one of "arrest" or "conviction," this is a terrorist nation which has grabbed another American and is holding her hostage.

But Roxana is not the only American journalist (and woman of color) who is held hostage by a terrorist nation. Laura Ling and Euna Leewere kidnapped by North Korean forces and have been held by that terrorist nation since March. Taking Iran's cue, and seeing a typically "pantywaisted" responsefrom the Obama administration, North Korea has announced they have charged the American women with 'unspecified crimes' and will try them.

Oh, don't get me wrong, Obama is very much concerned with people locked up in prisons-specifically Islamist terrorists we've secured at Guantanamo Bay. Someone should mention to "Barry" that Bad Guys are supposed to remain in custody while innocent American journalists are the ones who are supposed to get government-wide advocacy, massive media attention, and the fixation of the American president.

As we move further through this Looking Glass, just a few days ago our own Department of Defense confirmed Chinese Muslim terrorists, admittedly trained by Al Qaeda will be released from Gitmo. Where will they go? Directly into the Belly of the Beast -- they are to be "resettled" in the U.S. by the U.S., which means using taxpayer dollars for homes and cash so they can 'start a new life.'

That's nice. I bet our 17 soldiers who were murdered on the USS Cole, those 3,000 people who perished on September 11th and the more than 4,000 troops who have paid the ultimate price in the War on Islamic Fascism would also like to "start a new life." Instead, the Obama administration rewards our enemy with dropped charges, their release from Gitmo, hundred of millions of tax payer dollars in foreign aid, and tax payer funded "new life" windfalls.

When you abandon Americans held by terrorists, and then reward terrorists who trained with Al Qaeda, some might argue it's more than priorities that are screwed-up in the White House.

So, why has the Obama administration allowed these kidnappings of Saberi, Ling and Lee to stand? The hostage-taking of these women is no different than the kidnapping of the Maersk Alabama's Captain Phillips by terrorists on the high seas. Obama's mob has made pathetic noise about Saberi's kidnapping, noting Obama was "disappointed" when Iran announced they had found her guilty of a sham crime by a sham trial.

Look, you get disappointed when the kid forgets to feed the dog. You should be getting furiousand in military-planning mode when an American is taken hostage. For Ling and Lee the situation is even worse as their plight isn't receiving nearly the media attention as Saberi's and a href=""we seem to be hoping the Swedes will help themout of their predicament.

Ultimately, the hostage-taking of those three young women during the first 100 days of the Obama administration proves one thing -- dictators and tyrants have heard Obama's call for "negotiation" and they've decided to gather bargaining chips. This is what happens when you send a message to the world that, as referenced by French President Sarkozy, the American president is weak and an "empty suit."

While all of us should be enraged at any American being held hostage by a hostile foreign government and the bizarrely passive response by Obama, we should also be appalled by the fact that we have a woman of color as first lady from whom not a sound has been made about the plight of these three journalists. Considering that Michelle Obama stood by and helped facilitate the most misogynistic presidential campaign in history it's not entirely surprising, yet it would have been refreshing to hear her make a public statement denouncing the kidnappings of these women and demand their return.

Make no mistake--Michelle Obama is not all vegetable gardens and puppies; she plays an obviously active role in her husband's administration. She was heavily involved in his campaign, made remarks on policy then and has already made policy-based speeches as first lady. The attempts by the left to infantilize her into some passive, thoughtless Madonna who needs protection from the mean, bitter and clingy Right Wing Extremist mob is pathetic and juvenile.

In the end, as the Obamas "celebrate" their first 100 days in office, there will be no celebrating at the Saberi, Ling or Lee households. Those women deserve better, as do all of us.