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USS Cole

Justice Denied

Families of sailors killed on U . S . S Cole fear Guantanamo will close before terrorists are tried for the attack

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  1. Controversial Move

    Reasons for terrorism trials in America

  2. Credential Questions

    Intelligence community casts wary eye on Leon Panetta who is President-elect Obama's choice to head the CIA

  3. New Military Tribunals at Gitmo

    Obama administration to drop the ban

  4. FOX Flashback #28

    Iraq war resolution, Cuban missile crisis, USS Cole attacked, anthrax on Capitol Hill, San Francisco earthquake, Capone convicted

  5. A Tale of Two Wars

    Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on the Iraq war versus the coalition mission in Libya and the implications for Obama

  6. Hit List: How does Middle East Turmoil affect the U.S. from a security aspect?

    We will take a look at the turmoil in the Middle East from a National Security standpoint, and what the government should and can do to protect the Nation. Mike Baker and Bill Daly are here with the weekly hit list.

  7. Obama to Allow Military Trials at Gitmo

    Will administration resource top legal commissions?

  8. Political Hypocrisy?

    President Obama sending more troops to Afghanistan

  9. American Presence

    U.S. officials say military's new African command reflects the continent's increasing strategic and economic value

  10. 'Capitalism' Clash

    Hannity goes one-on-one with Michael Moore on new documentary

  11. King's Take

    Congressman Peter King weighs in on torture, CIA interrogation debate

  12. The Daily Bret: Behind the Scenes

    Bret Baier previews Friday's Special Report

  1. USS Cole Case: Justice Delayed

    Report: Administration halts prosecution of alleged USS Cole attack mastermind

  2. Still Searching for Answers on USS Cole Attack

    Families remember victims on tenth anniversary of terror strike on ship

  3. White House Ramps Up Use of Military Commissions

    Accused planner of USS Cole attack to be prosecuted at Guantanamo Bay

  4. Obama Orders Resumption of Gitmo Trials

    What's behind president's reversal on military tribunals?

  5. Milestone for Guantanamo Bay

    Administration shifts its position, two years after President Obama signed executive order to close Gitmo

  6. Open Sesame?

    Will President-elect Obama follow through with plans to shut down Gitmo?

  7. Gitmo Trials Back on Track?

    Report: Obama administration preparing to increase use of military commissions

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