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Michelle Obama

The Two Faces of Michelle Obama

First lady hits campaign trail to raise money for questionable characters

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  1. 2010's Biggest Health News

    Just this year alone, we've seen a medical crisis in Haiti, healthcare reform battles, stem cell research breakthroughs and thousands of people sickened by eggs. Here is a look back at the biggest clickers of 2010

  2. First Lady's Political Mission of Mercy

    Michelle Obama hits campaign trail to raise money and rally votes for Democrats in close races

  3. Getting the Facts

    Dr. Manny breaks down the First Lady's comments on health care reform and women

  4. Arizona Chastised for Immigration Law

    Obama and Mexico's president took turns slamming the state's legislation

  5. Teens Earn Seats of Honor

    High-school math and science whizzes sit beside first lady at State of the Union

  6. 'Strategy Room' Newsbreak

    Diane Macedo delivers headlines from the 'Strategy Room'

  7. Pomp and Protocol

    Obamas throw their first state dinner

  8. Pinheads & Patriots: 1/26

    Talk show host Wendy Williams: pinhead or patriot?

  9. Hiring American Heroes

    Companies specifically hiring unemployed veterans

  10. New Report on Fighting Childhood Obesity

    Should parents or the government monitor kids' eating habits?

  11. President's Eyes and Ears

    Inaugural parade announcer Charlie Brotman explains his role in the big ceremony

  12. Who is Michelle Obama ?

    New book highlights the life of Michelle Obama

  1. Hero Intern's State of the Union Honor

    Rep. Giffords' intern Daniel Hernandez to sit with first lady Michelle Obama

  2. Nanny State Nursing?

    Michelle Obama's new breastfeeding initiative

  3. Watters' World: Confronting Anti-Fox News Demonstrators

    Fox News' Jesse Watters speaks with pro-union protesters outside FNC headquarters

  4. O'Donnell and Coons Trade Barbs

    Candidates square off in Delaware Senate debate

  5. President Obama, First Lady Stump in Buckeye State

    Obama hits campaign trail in Ohio

  6. John Kasich on 'Fox and Friends'

    Ohio gubernatorial candidate on heated race

  7. State of the Union Kumbaya Just Window Dressing?

    Panel picks apart what's really behind 'kumbaya moment' for state of the union address

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