Stuart Varney: The media refuses to cover the Clinton Russian scandal

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Russia, Russia, Russia. For months it was all we heard about. The left couldn't get enough of it. They really wanted you to believe that Hillary lost and Trump won because of Russian meddling.

My how times change! Now it's Russia and the Clinton connection. Of course the media refuses to cover and investigate, but there is yet another Clinton scandal here.

Rep. Devon Nunes, R-Calif., Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, is investigating the following:

A Russian backed company wanted to take control of a big chunk of America’s uranium business. They gave millions, $145 million to a Clinton Foundation charity. Bill Clinton got a half million for a speech in Moscow and he met with Vladimir Putin, bingo. Shortly thereafter Hillary’s State Department gives the okay for the Russians to buy our uranium. Is this pay to play? “Baloney," says Hillary.

Wait...there's more on the Russia/Clinton connection. The Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee paid for the Russian "dossier.”  They bought, they funded, and they instigated, a so-called "report" on Donald Trump. Of course it was full of salacious and totally unproven dirt. Back then, the Clinton people denied any knowledge, and took great offense at the mere suggestion they knew anything about it.

Times change.

Two points: first, Democrats may regret their Russia, Russia, Russia campaign. Former president Jimmy Carter says the Russians had little, if any, impact on the election. And now the Russia investigation has veered off-course to bring in the Clintons.

And second, the Democrats will surely regret the continuing presence of Hillary Clinton. She lost. She's mired in scandal, again. And she won't go away.

A few months ago, it was Trump and the Republicans getting unwanted attention. Now it’s Hillary, Bill and the Democrats.

Again, things change fast.

Adapted from Stuart Varney’s “My Take” on Wednesday, October 25, 2017.