Stuart Varney: Elon Musk deserves some credit not a huge helping of scorn

I'm Stuart Varney and this is "My Take." Elon Musk doesn't give a hoot about what people think of him or say about him. He took a lot of heat for smoking marijuana on camera. He was ridiculed for his wild, middle of the night tweets. Lots of name calling because of his behavior. I think its time for a re-evaluation. I think its time to look at the man's achievements, rather than his public image.

Like him, or not, Elon Musk is surely the prime example of a brilliant entrepreneur. He makes state of the art electric cars. Ok, he leaned heavily on green tax credits, but the Tesla is a stand-out vehicle. He had the vision. A lot of people talk about their "vision". But he went out and did it.

You've heard of SpaceX. That's an Elon Musk company. He had a vision for reusable rockets, and he went out and did that too. Space-x is launching a network of satellites that will enhance the internet. He has brought private enterprise to the space business. That's an achievement.


You've heard of the "boring" company. A play on words, of course. It bores tunnels. This is Musk's contribution to future mass transit.

The point is, he did it. He offered a tour of the tunnel he's already built in southern California. Its not just talk. In the age of social media, we tend to fixate on the negatives. It's easy to pour scorn on someone who behaves like Elon Musk. But step back, and look at what he has actually done: he's in the car business.

The space business. The mass transit business. He's got a product in all three industries. That is a tangible success.

Give the man credit.

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Adapted from Stuart Varney’s monologue on Fox Nations’ “My Take with Stuart Varney.”