Steve Hilton: Why a second Trump term is so important

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Here's why a second Trump term is so important. 2016 was a populist revolution and ever since the establishment have been desperate to get their power back.


Russia, Mueller, impeachment -- the bureaucracy, the establishment media, the Democrats, never-Trump Republicans, John Bolton with his book -- they are desperate to show that Trump was a one-off, short-term event, a historical aberration.

Joe Biden, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee: "We can turn four years of Donald Trump into a historical aberration."


Amazing he could string two words together consistently.

We have to show that Trump's election was not a short-term aberration, but the start of a long-term change to right the wrongs of the establishment's 50 years of failure. Their ideology of open borders, globalism and endless war devastated working people and the American dream.

We can't go back to the Democrats or the establishment GOP. We must show that this is a new, enduring conservative populism -- pro-business on tax and regulation, and pro-worker on trade and immigration, pro-America on defense and pro-family on paid leave and tax credits. Conservative judges and criminal justice reform -- law and order and justice.

We can't go back to the Democrats or the establishment GOP. We must show that this is a new, enduring conservative populism

The need for this conservative populism was obvious before coronavirus, the shutdown and George Floyd. But now, the stakes in this election are even higher.

The shutdown has destroyed the economy. The only way to rebuild it is with an aggressive, pro-growth agenda. The Democrats, they are off on Planet Pelosi with a mad pro-government agenda. We'd see sclerosis and slump that would make the 1970s look like the Reagan boom.

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The Black Lives Matter protests have highlighted the evil of racial inequality. The only way to reverse historical injustice is with a pro-opportunity agenda on education, housing, jobs, family, community and more. A Democrat win in 2020 would be a tragic setback for African-Americans.

On top of that, we now know what kind of a leader Joe Biden would be. He wouldn't be a leader at all. He is a follower -- a weak, corrupt, mentally malfunctioning cipher, being pulled further to the left every week.

Look at some of the people running his policy groups: AOC on climate change, Pramila Jayapal on health care, Marcia Fudge on education. The loony left will be the puppet masters of a Biden presidency.

Here's the establishment scheme for November: Keep the House, take the Senate, take the White House and then use unconstrained power not just to defeat Trump, but to crush the populist revolution.

They will abolish the legislative filibuster so they only need a simple majority in the Senate. They'll use that to give statehood to D.C. and Puerto Rico for a permanent Senate majority. They'll gerrymander districts in 2021 to shut Republicans out of power in Washington and state capitals. And they will pack the Supreme Court to gain permanent control of the judicial branch, destroying the Constitution and giving unlimited power to the administrative state.

You think this kind of establishment fascism couldn't happen here? President Trump has driven them all crazy. It will happen here unless he wins. To do that, the Trump campaign needs a new message and a clear plan for the second term.

In 2016, Donald Trump promised change for the victims of establishment failure. He did that with historically low unemployment and high earnings growth for the lowest-paid workers and especially for African-Americans, for whom he also delivered criminal justice reform, opportunity zones and record investment in HBCUs.

President Trump can meet this moment and win over the voters he needs in 2020 with a new message of change for people who've been left behind -- equal opportunity for Americans of every race. Make America great again for all.

To support that message, the president needs clear, simple policy ideas on the four big issues that will swing votes in November.

On jobs, the economy and immigration, American workers first.

On China, time to bring manufacturing home and decouple our economies.


On equalizing opportunity, school choice for black kids.

On health care, cut costs by publishing prices.

Adapted from Steve Hilton's monologue from "The Next Revolution" on June 21, 2020.