When I first read some of the tweets surrounding President Obama's comments at the White House Prayer Breakfast, my jaw dropped.

I literally gasped. Did he really say that? No way, that's gotta be Twitter people misremembering. After all, “misremembering” became a verb this week. Right, Brian Williams?

But the tweets were coming from one of my go to Twitter people. CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller.. Always fair, always spot on and accurate.

So I listened to the soundbites from the president.

I'm still shaking my head.

President Obama lumped Christians and murderous Islamic terrorists together: Here’s some of what he said, “unless we get on our high horse and think that this is unique to some other place -- remember that during the crusades and inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ … So, it is not unique to one group or one religion; there is a tendency in us, a sinful tendency that can pervert and distort our faith.”

Lumped? My bad. He practically blamed Christians for the religious fanatics who are burning men alive. Burying children alive and crucifying young boys.

And talking about both in the same context is simply  not OK.

What the president did this morning will haunt him for a very long time. He crossed the line. In fact, he pole vaulted over it

Using  some misguided moral equivalency, President Obama reached back over almost a thousand years to compare a group of Christians then  to current day radical Islamists killing innocents in the name of Allah… today.

Last month, in January alone, reports say that radical Muslim jihadists killed thousands of people. Last month!

And yet, when you combine Christianity, Judaism, Scientology and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster what are their combined killings in the name of religion?

Well that number would be zero..

Sorry Mr. President, I think you've gone too far this time!

And no, left- winged progressives, I am not being racist. This is coming from the very core of my Christianity, my humanity, my civilized self.

President Obama.. I think you owe all Christians an apology..

Christianity today is the polar opposite of what's being done in the name of Islam.

You, sir, should know that.  After all, you are also a Christian.