People Magazine's Pathetic Predictability

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By Alexander Marlow
Associate Editor, Breitbart.comthe 1984 NBA draft, the Portland Trail Blazers used the second pick to select University of Kentucky star Sam Bowie over then 21-year-old Michael Jordan, marking the greatest oversight in our nation's history. Until now. On newsstands today you'll find People Magazine's "100 Most Beautiful"edition. Anyone modestly attentive to American culture will notice the conspicuous absence of the flyest honey ever to rep the GOP on the national stage: Sarah Palin.

This error would be egregious even without context, but wait until you hear who actually made the list:

There is an entire spread called "Barack's Beauties" featuring seven Obama staffers who are among the USA's finest 100-easily the highest number of executive branch hotties since the Coolidge administration.

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