Michael Goodwin: Leave John Kelly alone

It was another week of hunting for witches to burn in Washington. Even Gen. John Kelly, a man who has served our nation with honor and sacrifice, was nearly consumed by the flames.

Kelly’s sin is his willingness to be chief of staff to President Trump, and to try to stop the madness that appears determined to destroy Trump, no matter the cost to America.

Last week’s episode was instructive about the state of our disunion. That the deaths of four soldiers, ambushed in Niger, would be reduced to political fodder for the bonfire reveals the depths of depravity.

The first false charge was that Trump “lied” when he said recent presidents did not always make condolence calls to the next of kin. He was correct, though he could die waiting for an apology.

The second false charge was that Trump had been “disrespectful” when he called the widow of one of the fallen soldiers. Made by a Democratic congresswoman from Florida who listened to the call, the charge had the earmarks of a hit job from impeachment wing nuts.

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