Melania's shoes and our 'serious' cultural betters at work -- Houston's flooded and people are dying, but the NY Times and Chelsea Handler want to talk about ... stilettos

This is how much the Left hates Donald Trump: they love to gang up on his wife and kids. In the midst of a national crisis, with the president doing his best to ensure a robust and compassionate response to Hurricane Harvey, liberals flooded the airwaves snickering about Melania boarding Air Force One wearing stilettos. That she changed into sneakers to attend the disaster site in Corpus Christie didn’t get so much play.

You would think that someone like LA Police Commissioner Steve Soboroff would be too busy to join the snarkfest, but you’d be mistaken. In a county that recorded 651 homicides in the last 12 months, the New York Post reported that one of LA’s top law enforcement officials took time out to tweet: “Those high heels are really practical for today.” Looks like the Chief has taken down that tweet, much as he had to erase what he wrote about people attending a Trump rally last year: “Every man in the crowd looks like he has the same biological parents.” Just another open-minded public servant.

Chelsea Handler piled on, noting the heels and then declaring that the first lady had been cowed into changing her footwear on the plane, “Um...she put the shoes on after all the comments on twitter en route to Houston. Prob spun them out of potus' wig.” Yes, Chelsea, she probably just serendipitously packed sneakers in anticipation of people like you ridiculing her while in the air. Because, you know, she takes you so seriously.

In other words, the petty pickiness about Melania’s Manolos is all The Donald’s fault. Because he is unpredictable, Melania’s soles could reveal the president’s soul.

So intense was the reaction to Mrs. Trump’s shoes that the item trended briefly on Twitter, and also drew a response from Vanessa Friedman, the New York Time’s senior fashion critic. The Times has a neat trick of covering such controversies as news stories, which allows them to get in on the fun from 30,000 feet. Such was the case with Ms. Friedman’s write-up, which viewed the skirmish from a lofty perch, offering up wise-bites like this one:

“But to dismiss all this as merely much ado about heels, or an example of the pettiness of our divided electorate, is to ignore the reality of the current conversation around the president… and to deny the power of the telling detail to invite applause, condemnation or misinterpretation.”

In other words, the petty pickiness about Melania’s Manolos is all The Donald’s fault. Because he is unpredictable, Melania’s soles could reveal the president’s soul.

A fashion editor recently told me that it was time for Melania to take up a cause. Readers of her magazine were eager to know more about the First Lady, she said. That was nice to hear, because last we heard from designer celebs, they were refusing to dress her. Or at least that was the seeming hope of Ms. Friedman, who wrote an unintentionally comical piece post-election echoing the fashion industry’s disappointment at the outcome.

Fashionistas, you see, had thrown their lot in with Hillary, whom Friedman valiantly tried to depict as a fashion icon, even though she turned up in the exact same Ralph Lauren pants suit every day for a year, in varying colors. Stefano Tonchi, editor of W, was among the many bemoaning the outcome, saying in all seriousness, “makes you realize how powerless we are.”

At the time, Friedman fumed that Mrs. Trump’s attire seemed the result of a “shopping spree, as opposed to a strategic plan.” Friedman was further pained to observe that Melania’s wardrobe was evidently bought “off the rack, as opposed to one that she had worked with the designer to create.” And she thinks Melania is the one out of touch?

Over the past several months, the fashion industry has begun to come around. After all, even the most bitter Trump opponents must get that Mrs. Trump is one of the most beautiful and stylish First Ladies in our history. Just by showing up in some dazzling new gown, she could make a young designer’s career overnight.

As important, Melania Trump has been an island of serenity over the past several months. Even as hateful people poked at her son Baron, she has remained calm and dignified. On overseas trips she has gathered accolades for her demeanor and even her wardrobe choices. Let’s face it, she is elegant and smart, and could be a great asset to her husband.

The White House may be recognizing that Melania could play a larger role. She will take her first solo trip since entering the White House next month, to attend the Invictus games in Canada. That’s only eight months into her new role as First Lady; Michele Obama didn’t venture out solo until 15 months in, and it was a full 16 months before Laura Bush hit the trail by herself.

The Invictus games were started by Britain’s Prince Harry in 2014, and allows thousands of injured servicemen and women from numerous countries to compete in a variety of sports. It is an inspiring event, and Mrs. Trump has duly said she is “honored” to represent the U.S.

But don’t expect that to quiet the hateful. Already some are complaining about the cost to Canada’s taxpayers of having to provide security for the First Lady, while others suggest that the president’s ban on transgenders in the military could bring out protesters. Maybe someone will bankroll a visit by the Antifa goons for good measure.

Whatever the bullies throw at her, my guess is Melania will handle it with poise and grace, and make her adopted country proud. Even in her trademark stilettos.