Mainstream media ignores anti-Trump mob in Minneapolis

A violent mob terrorized Donald Trump donors but the Mainstream Media ignored the story. It happened Friday night at a fundraiser held at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Some of Trump’s supporters were punched and spat upon, The Hill reports. Others were pelted by garbage and taunted by the angry mob.

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The vicious thugs actually attacked elderly women. What kind of a lowlife does something like that?

Local news outlets reported that demonstrators blocked Trump’s motorcade and one person actually jumped on the hood of a car.

The anti-American miscreants even burned the U.S. flag – as some of the crowd screamed, “F*** the U.S.A.”

A reporter for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune posted video of the mob scene online. It clearly shows Trump donors and supporters being manhandled and terrorized.

However, the newspaper dismissed the facts clearly shown in its own video. They reported that Trump supporters were “harshly confronted.”

The national media altogether ignored the story. There were no breaking news banners. There were no pundits demanding that Hillary Clinton denounce the violence. It was as if nothing happened outside the convention center.

Minneapolis Police say protesters started a fire and damaged one of the doors at the Convention Center. One person leaving the fundraiser was robbed of their cell phone.

And yet not a single person was arrested.

Fires were set. People were assaulted. A presidential candidate’s motorcade was attacked. But nobody was thrown in jail?

Why not? Were the police given orders to stand down? If so, who gave the order? Who organized the protest? Was this a “Rent-A-Mob”? If so, who paid the bills?

Those are questions the mainstream media should be asking, but they did not and they will not.

That’s because what happened in Minneapolis does not fit their narrative. They believe Trump and his supporters are morally tainted. And I suspect the mainstream media believes they got what they had coming to them in the Twin Cities.

Be safe out there, Trump supporters. Be safe.