Liz Peek: Five good reasons why a sane person would still support Trump's agenda

Editor's note: The following column originally appeared in the The Fiscal Times.

Republicans living in blue states admit their support for President Trump in hushed asides, the kind of whispered confidences that in gentler times would have confessed financial difficulties or divorce. It’s craven, but especially during the most tumultuous periods, like last week, it’s draining to defend the commander in chief.

And yet, Trump’s priorities are more than defensible; they are essential to the future of our country.

Months before the election, at a perilous moment during the Trump campaign, I wrote a piece entitled “Five Reasons a Sane Person Would Vote for Trump.” Those arguments and ambitions stand; some, like the opportunity to pick a Supreme Court justice who will uphold the Constitution, are no longer paramount. With the GOP and White House struggling for traction, it seems a good time to review the positives in the Trump agenda. The top five reasons are:

1. Resetting the scales with our trading partners to ensure U.S. workers are treated fairly

2. Disrupting the teachers’ unions control of our public education system

3. Reforming our hideous tax system

4. Bringing order to our broken immigration policies

5. Letting the world know that the U.S. will stand up for its citizens

Donald Trump won the election because Americans were discouraged – about lost jobs, stagnant incomes and because they disliked the globalist policies of Barack Obama.

Trump promised to protect and champion U.S. workers, in part by getting tougher on our trading partners who he said were taking advantage of us.

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