Liz Peek: Liberal media helping Trump win four more years. Here's how

Our liberal media outlets are not putting their thumb on the scale; they are putting their shattered reputations, too.  

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If Donald Trump wins another four years in the Oval Office, he will have the media to thank.   

Why? Because the blatant effort by some of our biggest newspapers, TV companies and social media giants to boost an incapable Joe Biden over the finish line has enraged supporters of President Trump; they want justice and they will vote to get it.  

Twitter is blowing up over innumerable incidents of censorship and dishonesty from the left-wing media:


Spotify employees trying to silence Joe Rogan, the site’s number one money-maker; the Wall Street Journal’s Kim Strassel receiving a “headlines don’t tell the whole story” notice about her tweet of her very own column; investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald resigning from the Intercept, which he co-founded, because editors there wanted to censor an article he wrote critical of Joe Biden; Facebook shutting down “New Jersey Women for Trump”; National Review writer David Harsanyi being banned for making a joke about being banned; CNN conjuring up a “Fake News” story about Trump rally-goers being abandoned in Pennsylvania, and on and on.  

And, then, of course, the granddaddy of all media outrages: the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR and nearly every other news organization in the country ignoring and dismissing the shocking materials on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which were substantiated by colleague and Democrat donor Tony Bobulinski. The materials show that Joe Biden was well aware his son was cashing in on dad’s White House position and may have even participated in those activities. 


They not only ignored the blockbuster story, but actively suppressed it, with Twitter and Facebook refusing to let it circulate on their platforms.  

Our liberal media outlets are not putting their thumb on the scale; they are putting their shattered reputations, too.  

There is nothing more sinister or offensive to those who believe in freedom than censorship. Suppressing contrary views is the tool of socialist totalitarian regimes; witnessing it burrow into our national politics is harrowing. 

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It is not just the media, it is also the toxic “cancel culture” enabled by woke elites in academia, Hollywood and corporate boardrooms who are intolerant of opposing views and punish those who do not conform. 

This cannot be tolerated. Voting for Trump is one way to push back. 

The liberal media’s coverage of this election is an outrage. We have never seen a race in which one candidate – Joe Biden – receives near-universal generosity from the press while his opponent Donald Trump is routinely trashed, even when things go right.    

Imagine: the media has not even seen fit to probe why Joe Biden has spent the past several months hiding from the press and from voters.  

The former vice president has refused almost all sit-down interviews of substance, and almost never interacts with the press corps assigned to his campaign. 

He has also rarely mixes it up with the public. 

It is not, as his spokesmen might argue, out of an abundance of caution in this time of COVID. Biden could certainly have safely sat in a room socially distanced from Fox News’ Chris Wallace, for instance, who has requested an interview for months. 

Supporters of President Trump will vote for his policies because they think they are best for the nation. But they are also voting against Twitter.

It is because Biden’s campaign doesn’t trust their own candidate; given a free-wheeling conversation, Biden frequently embarrasses himself, or blunders into policy pronouncements that offend voters. 

When he said during the debate that he wants to shut down the oil and gas business, voters in all-important Pennsylvania got nervous. When he told Charlemagne tha God "If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black," Biden insulted many black voters. When he says “Barack and I Think It’s a Right For People To Have Badakathcare,” (literally) many worry about the candidate’s mental acuity.  

Supporters of Donald Trump, to be sure, are motivated to vote for his reelection for many reasons.   

They believe his pro-business program of lower taxes and limited regulation will boost the economy better than Biden’s regulatory zeal and proposed $4 trillion tax hike.    

They know that President Trump is willing to confront China in order to curtail Beijing’s predatory behavior, including their gigantic theft of our business secrets and dishonest trade practices.  

The Obama-Biden White House turned a blind eye to China’s malfeasance, so eager were they for President Xi’s acquiescence to the Paris Climate Accord. It was at best a naïve trade (at worst a cynical one), since the Paris accord would hobble America’s great energy industries while granting China, the world’s largest carbon emitter, free rein to continue building coal-burning power plants.   

Those voting for President Trump believe in America First, and know that Democrats are the party of America Second. Trump fans applaud his common-sense demands that our NATO allies pay their promised share of our mutual defense, and the extra hundreds of billions of dollars that they have already surrendered. 

They also applaud his breakthrough Middle East policy, which has brought together several Arab nations to make peace with Israel and to ring-fence Iran. 

Supporters of President Trump will vote for his policies because they think they are best for the nation. 

But they are also voting against Twitter, which has been “fact-checking” President Trump and also censoring doctors who do not agree with Dr. Anthony Fauci’s fluid pronouncements about COVID.  

Twitter also recently shut down the account of Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan for a post about the wall being built on the Southern border. Morgan wrote, “Every mile helps us stop gang members, murderers, sexual predators, and drugs from entering our country. It's a fact, walls work.” That was deemed “hateful conduct.”  


Just as Democrats overstepped by impeaching Trump, which pushed the president’s fund-raising and approval ratings to an all-time high, the liberal media’s excesses may achieve the very outcome they have worked so hard to prevent: four more years of President Trump. 

Wouldn’t that be something?