KT McFarland: Barr right to drop Flynn prosecution – Those who framed Flynn must be held accountable

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After more than three long years, the Justice Department has finally lived up to its name by dropping charges against my former boss, former National Security Adviser and retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

The filing of charges against this decorated military leader and public servant – who I served with briefly as his deputy on the National Security Council – amounted to a massive injustice.

Flynn has gone through hell, racked up massive legal expenses, and been forced to sell his home to pay his legal bills.

The American people deserve to know who was responsible for the outrageous framing of Flynn – and those responsible must be held accountable. This is vital to ensure that baseless political prosecutions like this never happen again to officials in any administration, Democrat or Republican.


The Trump-hating media and Deep State bureaucrats who have wanted to derail the Trump presidency since its earliest days made Flynn, me and others collateral damage in their anti-Trump crusade. They have dragged our nation through rancor and division and fanned the flames of the anger that threatens to consume American democracy.

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Rather than wait for the next election and let the American people decide at the ballot box who should be our president, these Trump opponents took things into their own hands in an unprecedented and improper manner.

The Trump opponents arrogantly thought they knew better than the American people who should lead our nation. They were willing abuse their power, break laws, sacrifice their integrity and crush innocent people in their quest to destroy the Trump presidency.

Trump haters claim Attorney General William Barr concluded Thursday that charges against Flynn should be dropped because Barr is a stooge for the president. This accusation is absurd.

In fact, the unjust and baseless prosecution of Flynn has more in common with the show trials of dictatorships than it has with the American system of justice.

The real reason the Justice Department moved to drop Flynn’s prosecution is that the department never had a case against Flynn in the first place. Internal documents that were never supposed to see the light of day and only recently became public make this crystal clear. And there is likely to be another trove of documents released in the near future.

In their entirety, these documents are likely to show a pattern of abuse of power and wrongdoing by senior officials of the FBI, Justice Department, intelligence community, and perhaps even very senior officials in President Barack Obama’s White House.

The documents will add to the revelations about how a cabal of government officials tried to bring down a duly elected president of the United States in what amounts to an attempted coup.

In fact, the unjust and baseless prosecution of Flynn has more in common with the show trials of dictatorships than it has with the American system of justice.


Lavrentiy Beria, the head of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin’s secret police, once famously said:  “Show me the man, and I’ll find you the crime.” This is an eerily accurate description of how the FBI treated Flynn when officials framed him, despite the fact that in reality, he had done nothing illegal.

The attorney general’s well-justified decision to dismiss charges against Flynn may be the end of Flynn’s three-year nightmare. It will give me and others satisfaction that justice has at least in part been served. But hopefully, things won’t stop there.

Donald Trump was elected president by the American people in a historic election in order to go to Washington and drain the swamp. The swamp creatures – the closed ecosystem of permanent bureaucrats, career congressional politicians (of both parties) and the Washington press corps – were so entrenched that they had come to see themselves as the rightful rulers of the nation. But in fact, they are simply the servants of the real rulers of our democracy – the American people.


How high did the conspiracy go in trying to hobble President Trump, tangle him up with endless investigations and move against him with impeachment? That’s what we need to find out now, and Attorney General Barr is doing his job and seeking justice by working to uncover the truth.

Barr deserves the gratitude of the American people for what he doing – not political attacks from partisan Democrats who are focused on doing everything possible to undermine President Trump and making him a one-term president.