There are just over 30 days until the election and Tuesday night, September 29, is the moment many Americans will really start to pay attention to the two presidential candidates.

As the newly dubbed “Leo 2.0” many of you who have seen my appearances on Fox News Channel or listen to my podcast already know that I am a former Democrat who intends to vote for a second term for our president, Donald J. Trump.

Is it even possible that former Vice President Joe Biden could win back my vote? It’s highly unlikely. However, I am a fair-minded individual and there are a few specific issues I would like to hear him address.

Fox News’ own Chris Wallace will be serving as moderator of the first presidential debate and has announced the topics that will be covered. Let me break down what I’d like to hear from Biden, topic by topic.


Topic 1: The Trump and Biden Administration Records

The Democratic presidential nominee must come out strong on this topic and denounce his former actions or I will never even consider voting for him.

The former vice president has a terrible record with regard to improving the economic conditions for people of color -- especially Black Americans.

In 1994 Biden authored a bill which was pitched to be “tough on crime.” The reality? The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act bill is one of the main reasons for the mass incarceration in this country in the 26 years since it was passed.

He may try to hide from this but as recently as 2008, the former vice president bragged about the “Biden Crime Law” on his campaign’s website.

At the time, then-Senator Biden oversaw the Senate Judiciary Committee and was adamant about trying to put an end to violent crime.

This is particularly ironic today, considering that he has been reluctant to call out our current violence, but more on that in a moment.

Topic 2:  The Supreme Court

I have been greatly disturbed to see the comments that many members of my former party are making about President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

There has been barely a mention of her actual judicial record and there have plenty of near-hysterical mentions of her religious life as a Catholic.

Biden is also a Catholic. Does he let that interfere with being effective in his job? Will he defend Judge Barrett’s right to practice her religion and serve on the bench?

Will he clearly state that there is no religious test in this country for any job, particularly for a position on the Supreme Court?

Topic 3: COVID-19

I have heard a lot from Biden on COVID-19, things like proposing a national mask mandate and blaming President Trump for the failings of Democratic governors.

What do I want to hear? A plan from Biden on how to safely move forward.

We cannot hide inside forever and after more than six months, it’s time for us to look at a way to balance the economy and our collective safety.

The arbitrary ways businesses are allowed to be open or forced to shut down is not fair.

We should not ask Americans to choose between their health and their hard-earned livelihood. What’s your plan, Mr. Biden?

Topic 4: The Economy

Prior to the global coronavirus pandemic, the economy of the United States was nearing record levels -- and not just for the usual suspects.

The Trump economy had the lowest unemployment rates ever for Black Americans. It was an amazing accomplishment that barely got a mention from liberals.

Outside of a cure to end the pandemic, what fixes an economy? Education. Specifically school choice -- a term Democrats run from every year. However, education is the key to breaking the poverty cycle and the new civil rights issues that people of color face.

I’d like to ask Vice President Biden, why are you against school choice? Are you more loyal to unions than the students they serve? Why are you denying people of color the chance to be on equal ground with those in wealthier neighborhoods?

A good education will give you every opportunity in the world and all the promises of this country.

School choice is the key to improve the economic opportunities of all Americans.


Topic 5: Race and Violence in Our Cities

Biden’s response to the recent protests, riots and lootings in many of America's best-known cities is among the most disappointing parts of his candidacy.

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The DNC put Black Lives Matter on a pedestal and didn’t give any mention at all to the destruction of our cities -- all in the name of “Black Lives Matter.”

Guess what Joe? ALL Black Lives Matter -- those of the police officers, those of the business owners and those of the home owners who have to protect themselves against anarchists.

To be fair, Biden did eventually, meekly, come out against the violence in our cities this summer but it was entirely too little and too late.

For a man who spent his political career being “tough on crime,” this hypocrisy is obviously pandering to the political left and shows a lack of true leadership.

Topic 6: The Integrity of the 2020 election

I would like to hear Biden promise exactly what MSM has asked of President Trump: Will you ensure a peaceful post-election process?

Will you agree to the legitimacy of a second term for President Trump or will you question the will of the American people?

Will you call on states to fairly, quickly, and accurately count and turn in the votes?


As you can see, I have a lot of issues I’d like to see Vice President Biden clarify or take a stand on.

I will be a fair-minded viewer on Tuesday night and listen carefully but I don’t think Joe has what it takes to win my vote.