Gretchen's Take: Political outsiders could be the real deal

Okay, let’s be clear about one big thing. It's pretty apparent now American’s are angry with the political establishment -- feeling betrayed, marginalized, and disenfranchised on both sides. Revolt is not over-stating the sentiment on both sides. Check out the exit polls from last night.

On the GOP side, amongst American’s angry with how the federal government is working -- four out of ten went strongly for Trump.

For those looking for a political outsider that ended up being half of the GOP voters in New Hampshire -- Trump once again dominated at 61-percent.

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders ruled when asked if he cares about the voter -- killing it -- with a whopping 82-percent.

Many pundits didn't take the political outsiders in this race seriously for a long time. We often heard Trump would fizzle out -- it was a circus -- and Sanders was a joke. Well, not here. On ‘The Real Story’ we long ago said both candidates could be the real deal. How this all ends up -- is another discussion.