Gretchen's take: Fighting radical Islamic terrorism is not a partisan issue

Yesterday I said we should call "it" what "it" is regarding the attack in Paris -- and that's terrorism.

It’s that simple and that was my point --  that after seeing the terrorism attack play out in Paris -- knowing the gunmen were shouting "allah wakbar" and, specifically, targeting a newspaper that had made fun of Muslims --- it didn't take a rhodes scholar to figure out it was radical Islamic terrorism.

So why won't the Obama administration call it what it is? Yes, they did say it was terrorism this time. But the President himself later said it was senseless violence, not Islamic radical violence.

Fighting radical Islamic terrorism should not be a partisan issue.  Republican, Democrat or Independent -- you should be able to call it what it is …

So it does beg the question: why can't we all just be focused together on saying what it is, finding these terrorists and fighting radical Islam?