Gretchen's Take: 2016 polls could still dramatically change

When digging deeper into the new Fox News poll on GOP presidential candidates ... it's fascinating to see what's at the heart of the anger for Republican voters and why outsiders continue to poll so well.

When respondents were asked "Do you feel betrayed by politicians?":
61 percent of Republicans said yes.

..And when Republican primary voters were asked "Have GOP majorities done all they could to block Obama's agenda?":
A whopping 66 percent said no.

But check out who registered voters believe right now today will end up being President ... Hillary Clinton tops the list at 28 percent. with Donald Trump second at 20 percent.

It's interesting to juxtapose those findings to exactly this time in the presidential process back in 2007. So who did voters think the next president would be back then?
Hillary Clinton at 44 percent, Rudy Giuliani at 12 and Barack Obama at only 6 percent.

Its perspective worth looking at today and remembering candidates' positioning in the polls could stay the same or dramatically change.