Five Lessons 'Occupy Wall Street' Protesters Could Learn About Finding a Job from 'I Love Lucy'

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This weekend TV-lovers everywhere will celebrate the diamond anniversary of "I Love Lucy." The iconic television show continues to entertain and even teach audiences a few life lessons 60 years after it was born.

In fact, "Lucy" offers several life lessons for the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters. Here are five lessons "Lucy" teaches all of us about how to find a job:

1) Have a sense of humor. Lucy didn't take herself too seriously and you shouldn't, either.

2) Take a job, any job. Lucy stomped on grapes, she worked in a chocolate factory and even tried to act as the spokesperson for "Vitameatavegimin."

3) Loyalty to something higher than yourself. Lucy was devoted to her husband and to her neighbors, the Mertzes

4) Live within your means. Lucy and Ricky were Middle Class in the '50s. Their little one-bedroom apartment was perfectly adequate for their needs.

5) Though she never succeeded in show business (her character,that is) she never stopped trying. That's a life lesson for the Wall Street protestors and every other American who seems to have forgotten that persistence, more than talent and education, wins the day.

Cal Thomas is America's most widely syndicated newspaper columnist and a Fox News contributor.