Farewell to Kobe Bryant, the 'Babe Ruth of the NBA'

The numbers are incredible. The only thing more stunning than all the records was the performances. He made the spectacular, routine. You expected the best when you came to see Kobe Bryant play. What you got was excellence.

The more you disliked him, or in some cases hated him, the more motivated he became. He loved being booed. He took it as the ultimate compliment. It meant that he was winning. And no one in the NBA the past 20 seasons took losses more personally, and expected wins than Kobe Bryant.

As he left the stage this week, he did his way. And what a way it was 60 points, and an unbelievable comeback victory, all fueled by him.

I can't remember anyone in sports leaving in the same manner. It was an amazing send off, and an incredible career.

It is best described by the great actor and 3 time academy award winner, Jack Nicholson, the biggest Laker fan who has seen all of Bryant's career from his front row seat. "We were lucky to have witnessed the Babe Ruth of the NBA. "

Indeed we were. Watch my interview above with Bryant. The last one ever done in his Laker uniform.