Democrats flee from ObamaCare disaster but voters will find them in 2014

Nearly four years ago, voters sent a very powerful message to President Obama and Democrats in Washington by electing a little-known Republican state senator to the so-called “Kennedy seat.” The message then was simple: “we don’t want ObamaCare.”

Then, like now, Democrats in Washington ignored the will of the people, twisting themselves into pretzels to ram this bill through Congress using backroom political maneuvering.

Back then, voters opposed this bill because they didn’t want the federal government taking over something as private and personal as health care coverage. On top of that, ObamaCare levied 18 new job-killing taxes and gutted Medicare for seniors by more than half a trillion dollars.


Today, after the catastrophic rollout of the last month, the anti-ObamaCare message has only intensified. It’s more than just a non-functional web site – which is an embarrassment in and of itself, but only the tip of the iceberg.

Now, we are learning that contrary to the promises made by President Obama and his supporters in Congress, Americans who like their current health care plans actually can’t keep it. In fact, millions of Americans across the country have received cancellation letters in the mail telling them their current health plans will soon cease to exist.

Supporters of ObamaCare blatantly misled their constituents with this broken promise. The American people are fed up with this fiasco, and voters are ready to make their voices heard.

But it’s not just President Obama who needs to be held to account. It is also every single Democratic senator and congressman that voted for the health care bill. Without their support, it wouldn’t have happened.

These Democratic legislators are all on the hook. Any attempt to offer legislation to delay implementation or extend the sign-up period is nothing more than a transparent political stunt from an incumbent senator or congressman literally running for their political life.

If they didn’t want this health care plan, they shouldn’t have voted for it and made it the law of the land.

Everyone shares the goal of ensuring that all our people have access to affordable and high quality health care.

Republicans have a much different view on how we get there.

We believe health care reform should be left to the individual states so that they can come up with a plan best tailored for their citizens and their needs. What works in New Hampshire or Massachusetts may not work in New Mexico or Nevada, and vice versa.

Instead of a government takeover from D.C., we should let the states experiment and be the “test tubes of democracy” that our Founding Fathers envisioned when they established our country.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and our nation now faces the prospect of a nonfunctional health care bill that will destabilize the entire market and lead to higher premiums across the board.

Democrats who voted for this bill may be running for the hills, but they can’t hide forever.

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    In next year’s midterm elections, voters across the country are ready once again to send an unmistakable message: if you ignore the will of your constituents, before long, you’ll find yourself looking for a new line of work.

    That’s the beauty of our democracy, and is exactly what the Founding Fathers envisioned.