David Bossie: Baseless Trump impeachment inquiry by desperate Democrats makes dramatic flip-flop

After weeks of running a fraudulent impeachment inquiry they claimed didn’t need approval by the full House of Representatives, Democrats made a stunning flip-fop Tuesday: they said they will hold a vote of the full House to formalize their attempt to overturn Donald Trump’s election as president.

The Democratic action amounts to an admission that President Trump and the Republicans have been correct all along when they said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., had no right to unilaterally launch an impeachment inquiry against the president without getting the full House to authorize the action.

Absurdly, the Democrats refuse to admit that their decision to call for a full House vote at this belated date has the effect of admitting that their whole secret kangaroo court proceeding against Trump up to now has been a complete sham.


In fact, Pelosi, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., and their fellow Democrats have ignored historical precedent with their closed-door depositions, lack of due process, and disregard of minority party rights in their fervor to attack President Trump in any no-holds-barred way they can.

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This is the kind of illegitimate and anti-democratic coup attempt you expect to see in a Third World country or the old Soviet Union – not the United States of America.

Whether they admit it or not, Democrats seized by Trump Derangement Syndrome are folding under pressure and are acknowledging that their biased impeached investigation has been unfair.

In any court of law, this would constitute grounds to throw out all testimony given up to now. But House Democrats are combining the roles of prosecutor, judge and jury in their determination to impeach the president – despite any justification for the move.

The horribly flawed resolution introduced by House Democrats Tuesday states that the Democrats plan to hold public hearings in the future, will allow for staff questioning of witnesses going forward, and will release transcripts of the secret depositions that have been taken in the basement of the Capitol.

According to the resolution, the Democrats’ idea of minority rights is that Republicans get to subpoena witnesses and documents only with Schiff’s approval. This is absurd.

Schiff is a proven liar who is incapable of running an investigation in good faith.

The Democratic-controlled House Rules Committee will likely take a party-line vote Wednesday and send the deeply flawed impeachment inquiry resolution to the House floor for consideration.

This is when it gets interesting. There are 31 Democrats in the House who represent districts that President Trump carried in 2016. Those Democrats, in particular, will now be forced to take a very tough vote.

Will these Democrats vote for Pelosi’s witch hunt to move forward, or will they show independence by voting against the resolution? Opposing the resolution could easily buy these Democrats' primary challengers on the left backed by socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and other radicals in the Democratic Party.

If Democrats wind up running more far-left extremists for House seats in 2020, they could pave the way for Republicans to regain majority control of the chamber.

It certainly looks like the decision to pursue the impeachment of President Trump will turn out to be a disaster for the Democrats on Election Day next year. They could have tried to work with Republicans on important legislation for the American people as they promised, but their hatred of this president won out.

The Democratic resolution laying out the new parameters of the impeachment inquiry will probably pass the House on a party-line vote – but that will mark the beginning of the end of this impeachment charade.

Once this process becomes open and transparent and gives President Trump and his Republican defenders a chance to make their case, the American people will learn quickly about the facts – or lack thereof.

The American people will find out that there has been no criminal wrongdoing whatsoever by President Trump – much less an impeachable offense.

The American people will also eventually learn the backstory of the unidentified whistleblowers who started the whole impeachment fiasco, and will learn whether Schiff or any other Democratic politician had involvement.

It’s highly peculiar that a month later, neither whistleblower has been called to testify. Surely Pelosi and Schiff would have rushed these two in to testify if there wasn’t a political liability in doing so.

Even before this week’s vote on the resolution to authorize a do-over impeachment process, a new Suffolk University poll found impeachment lacking public support.

When asked questions about the July phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the survey found that only 38 percent of the American people thought the substance of the call was an impeachable offense.

In sharp contrast, a whopping 52 percent said that either nothing was wrong with the call (31 percent) or that it was wrong but not an impeachable offense (21 percent).

The White House is right when it says the president’s rights in the midst of this partisan witch hunt “remain undefined, unclear, and uncertain.”

For the past three years, the deep state has been deploying anonymous attacks from all angles in a permanent smear campaign against President Trump. This latest episode involving a routine phone call with the president of Ukraine is nothing more than the deep state using impeachment as a political cudgel over a foreign policy disagreement.

It’s become clear that the Democrats have no answer to President Trump’s accomplishments and can’t defeat him at the ballot box in 2020, so they’re attempting to impeach him with the help of deep state employees in the vast bureaucracy.


First, it was an op-ed published in The New York Times on September 5, 2018, by a so-called “senior official in the Trump administration” headlined “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration.”

The arrogance shown in that opinion piece was almost as stunning as the ignorance displayed. This unelected official wants us to believe that his or her defense of a broken and corrupt establishment in the Washington swamp should be taken seriously.

Now this cowardly swamp creature has written a book to tell more anonymous lies about President Trump. Why is this joke being taken seriously? Why won’t the author identify himself or herself and resign?


The illegitimate impeachment process against President Trump – driven by anonymous accusers and weak accusations – has finally caught up with the unhinged House Democrats who are trying to remove a duly elected president from office by any means necessary.

The Democrats will fail. Donald Trump will serve out his term as president, and his enormous achievements in office that have improved the lives of the American people will convince voters to give him another four years in office to Keep America Great.