Dan Gainor: Taylor Swift sends her conservative fans a break-up note and the liberal media love it

Supporting all women lasted about a day. Pop star Taylor Swift decided to shake off years of political speculation and come out against a female candidate and back a liberal man. Even better, that man recently endorsed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Not a convenient media narrative. But Swift declared that Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn wasn’t liberal enough and that “her voting record in Congress appalls and terrifies me.” Apparently, it’s not just Kanye West who vexes her. It’s successful women.

The mega-wealthy singer (net worth $400 million) timed her newly woke political self to just two days before headlining the American Music Awards. Her open liberalism was clearly designed as a change in the narrative after the Hollywood left lost the Supreme Court fight. Because the left never just doubles down. It keeps on with the same old strategy — in this case, liberal celebrities.

The news media loved it. Fresh off their Kavanaugh defeat, journalists are clinging to Taylor like back-up dancers. The Hollywood Reporter went gaga over it and bizarrely claimed she “Speaks Out Against Anti-Gay Senate Candidate.” People gleefully headlined she was “Slamming Republican Candidate.”

Such is the state of liberalism today that The Washington Post asked: “Can Taylor Swift, revered by young Americans, help lead Democrats out of the woods?” If Taylor Swift is Moses, Hollywood has to be the Promised Land.

Only that’s not where three-fourths of the public wants to go. According to a Media Research Center/McLaughlin & Associates poll of likely voters, 74 percent don’t want politics in their entertainment or sports. Forty-three percent say they are less likely to watch political shows, which bodes ill for the AMAs.

Conservatives embraced the “Bad Blood” with Taylor and took the attitude that “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” There was a lot of mockery. Even CNN said, “It's Taylor Swift versus Kanye West again.”

Welcome to the 2020 election.