Contrary to what the leftists say, Jesus will always be the reason for the season

Mark and Lynn Wivell, of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, believe that Jesus is the reason for the season.

So they decided to include a beautiful sign that read, “JESUS” in their outdoor Christmas decorations.

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A few days later they received an email from the homeowner’s association asking them to remove the sign. One of their neighbors had complained that the “JESUS” display was offensive.

“We know that Christmas was about the birth of Jesus,” Mr. Wivell told the Evening Sun newspaper. “I was quite shocked it offended somebody, but I guess in today’s world I shouldn’t have been.”

While the neighbor objected to the offensive nature of the sign, the homeowner’s association had a completely different concern. They argued that the “JESUS” display was a sign – and signs are not permitted.

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