BIAS BASH: Media declares GOP loser in slimdown

With debt-ceiling talks underway in Washington and the budget battle at a stalemate, the media appears to be picking sides. Fox News contributor Ellen Ratner found several examples of bias in the media coverage of the partial government shutdown.

“I gotta tell you, the media is very biased,” Ratner said on “Bias Bash” on “I’m a Lib [liberal], but I’m very strict with our own staff about how not to be so biased and one of the groups I’m going to go after today is the Daily Beast.”

Ratner called out two articles on The Daily Beast as examples of media bias. The first was headlined, “GOP Donors Revolt Against Republican-Led Government Shutdown,” and the second was, “Shutdown Aversion: Republicans May Have Just Lost the House.”

“Don’t you think it’s a bit early? We’re not even a year before the elections and we’re already talking about losing the House? I think that that’s bias,” said Ratner.

Ratner went on to discuss whether the media is driving a specific reaction to the partial government shutdown, or whether the media is simply reporting how Americans are feeling.

“I always say, the only poll that counts is on Election Day,” said Ratner. “But when you’re saying, ‘the House is going to be lost’ and it’s 13 months away - that concerns me.”